Analytical Instruments

Our lab provides a range of analytical instruments for the detection of organic and inorganic elements in water and soil samples, including induced-coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry, ion chromatography, liquiTOC, and UV-vis spectrophotometry. Click on each image below to read more about our analytical capabilities and how to obtain access to each instrument.

Perkin Elmer Optima  8300 ICP-OES

Dionex ICS 1100 & 2000  Ion chromatography



Wet Lab

The wet chemistry lab is equipped with a high-speed centrifuge (Beckman Coulter Avanti J-26S), automatic titrators, a sonication bath, vacuum pumps, a waste-neutralization unit and other lab items necessary for mineral synthesis, potentiometric and redox titrations, sorption and electrocoagulation experiments. Here we also handle field water and sediment samples.

DSC00501 DSC00515 DSC00507
DSC00516 DSC00580 DSC00582

Microbiology Lab

This laboratory is designed for all microbiology-related work, as well the preparation of aqueous solutions and mineral suspensions. This lab includes a laminar flow hood, a large capacity incubator shaker, an incubator/oven, analytical balances, end-over-end shakers, pH-meters, etc.

DSC00572 DSC00565 DSC00553
DSC00541 DSC00540 DSC00582