Interested postdoctoral candidates with a strong CV, who are willing to apply for funding, are welcome to contact Marlen Knobloch

Marlen Knobloch, Associate Professor

Marlen Knobloch has obtained her PhD at the University of Zurich in the Group of Prof. Nitsch, where she developed and characterized a novel mouse model for Alzheimer’s disease. During her PhD, she furthermore contributed to an innovative immunization approach against Alzheimer’s disease, which has been further developped by Neurimmune/Biogen.

Dr. Knobloch moved on to do her postdoc in the Group of Prof. Jessberger at the University of Zurich, where she has been studying the metabolic requirements of adult neural stem cells. Her work has uncovered important novel mechanisms how lipid metabolism controls neural stem cell activity. She has further been a guest postdoc at EPFL in the Group of Prof. Luetolf.

In 2017, Dr. Knobloch has obtained an assistant professorship in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Lausanne where she has established the Laboratory of Stem Cell Metabolism. She has been promoted to Associate professor on the first of March 2023.

Vanille Maillard, Laboratory technician

Vanille joined the Departement of Biomedical Sciences in 2017. During the two years of her apprenticeship, she were trained by the group of Marie-Gabrielle Zurich, Christian Widmann and the Platform of Metabolomics. Currenty, she is the lab technician working for both Marlen Knobloch’s lab and Marie-Gabrielle Zurich’s lab. She is involving in cell cultures of iPSCs, NPCs, human 3D brain culture, human brain organoid culture, in enzymatic activity analyses, real-time RT-PCR, immunostaining, immunoblotting and in metabolic profiling using Seahorse technology. She manages the lab and is involved in numerous projects with all group members.

Francesco Petrelli, PhD, Research Associate

Francesco obtained his Master- and PhD degree in Italy at University of Calabria, studying the roles of glial cells in neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration. Afterwards, he moved as a Post-Doc in Paola Bezzi’s Lab at the University of Lausanne, where he studied the role of astrocytes in the modulation of dopamine levels during postnatal cortex development. Thereafter, he joined the lab of Jean-Claude Martinou at the University of Geneva, as a Research Associate, where he is investigating, in collaboration with Marlen Knobloch’s lab, the effect of Mitochondria Pyruvate Carrier 1 deletion on astrocytes and neural stem cells. Francesco has joined Marlen Knobloch’s lab as a Research Associate in April 2020 and is currently working on lipid metabolism of glial cells in physiological and pathological conditions

Marie Igelbüscher, PhD-student

Marie obtained her Bachelor in Applied Biology and her Master in Molecular Biology and Bio-technology at the University of Bonn. During her master thesis project in Volker Busskamp’s Lab she worked on establishing a transcription factor driven differentiation protocol to obtain microglia from human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs). She joined Marlen Knobloch’s group in September 2022 as a PhD student to investigate lipid droplet (LD) dynamics and function in the developing mouse and human brain.

Diana Panfilova, PhD-student

Diana obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry at the University of Halle-Wittenberg and her Master’s degree in Molecular Life Sciences at the University of Jena. During her master’s thesis in Alessandro Ori’s lab, she studied the impact of the proteasome inhibition on the ubiquitin profile of iPSC-derived human neurons (iNeurons) using liquid chromatography linked mass spectrometry (LC-MS). Diana joined Marlen Knobloch’s lab in November 2022 as a PhD student and is currently investigating the role of LDs in cellular identity.  

Alicia Rey, PhD-student

Alicia obtained her Bachelor in Biology and her Master’s degree in Medical Biology at the University of Lausanne. She joined Marlen Knobloch’s lab in April 2022 to complete her Master’s thesis on the role of astrocytic fatty acid beta-oxidation (FAO) in postnatal brain development and in Alzheimer´s disease. She remained in the lab as a research Intern where she was involved in optimizing lipid droplet staining techniques for five months. In December 2023, she returned to the lab as a PhD student to study the role of brain lipid droplets in ageing and disease.

Livia di Martino, Laboratory apprentice

Livia started her apprenticeship as a biology laboratory assistant in 2021. During her apprenticeship, she was trained in various techniques by the group of by Marie-Gabrielle Zurich, Mehdi Tafti and Christian Widmann. She joined Marlen Knobloch’s laboratory in January 2024 for the final months of her apprenticeship

Maria De Carluccio, Visiting Scientist

Maria gained her Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and Master degree in Biotechnology for Personalized Medicine in Italy (LaTuscia University in Viterbo and Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Rome).

Currently, she is attending the third year of Neuroscience PhD program at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Rome. Her research group is led by Prof. Paolo Calabresi, Full Professor at Gemelli Hospital in Rome. She studies morpho-functional changes of glial cells in different experimental models of Parkinson’s disease in response to various treatments. She joins the Knobloch lab as a visiting scientist for 6 month to learn about lipid metabolism in glial cells.

Former Lab members

Fo’Aad Yassin Hussein, Master student 2023

Yoshihito Hayashi, visiting scientist 2023

Valentina Scandella, PhD-student 2018-2023
Daniel Sudrià Lopes, PhD-student 2018-2023
Noéline Héritier, First-Step student, 2022
Fabrice Battiston, Master student 2021-2022
Mergim Ramosaj, PhD-student 2017-2021
Sofia Madsen, PhD-student 2017-2021
Laria de Mestral, First Step student, 2021
Sévan Stroh, First Step student 2021
Priyanka Parmar, First Step student 2020
Denise Tavel, Lab technician 2017-Feb.2020
Sandro Schibli, First Step student 2019
Naoya Yuizumi, Summer student 2019
Gabriela Radulova, Summer student 2019