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Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism, 2023

Neural stem cell metabolism revisited: a critical role for mitochondria

Scandella V*, Petrelli F*, Moore D.L., Braun S.M.G and Marlen Knobloch

*first shared

Science Advances, 2023

Mitochondrial pyruvate metabolism regulates the activation of quiescent neural stem cells

Petrelli F*., Scandella V*, Montesuit S., Zamboni N., Martinou J.C.#, Knobloch M.#, Science Advances, 9; eadd522, 2023 March 1.

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BioRxiv, 2022

A fluorescent perilipin 2 knock-in mouse model visualizes lipid droplets in the developing and adult brain

Madsen S., Delgado A.C., Cadilhac C., Battiston F., Maillard V., Magrinelli E., Jabaudon D., Telley L., Doetsch F., Knobloch M.#, BioRxiv 2022 June 20.

BioRxiv, 2022

Mitochondrial pyruvate metabolism regulates the activation of quiescent adult neural stem cells

Petrelli F*., Scandella V*, Montesuit S., Zamboni N., Martinou J.C.#, Knobloch M.#, BioRxiv 2022 May 31.

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Current Opinion in Lipidology, 2022

Brain lipid metabolism: the emerging role of lipid droplets in glial cells. Petrelli F., Knobloch M., Amati F. Curr Opin Lipidol. 2022 Feb 1;33(1):86-87.

Nature Communications, 2021

Lipid droplet availability affects neural stem/progenitor cell metabolism and proliferation. Ramosaj M*., Madsen S*., Maillard V., Scandella V., Sudria-Lopez D., Yuizumi N., Telley L., Knobloch M. 2021, Nat. Commun 12; 7362.

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Immunometabolism, 2021

Myeloid Metabolism as a New Target for Rejuvenation?—Comments on Restoring Metabolism of Myeloid Cells Reverses Cognitive Decline in Ageing (Nature. 2021 Feb;590(7844):122-128). Knobloch M and Paolicelli R.C., Immunometabolism, 2021;3(4):e210034.

Development, 2021

Lipid metabolism in focus: how the build-up and breakdown of lipids affects stem cells. Madsen S*., Ramosaj M*. and Knobloch M. 2021/27/5. Development, 148 (10): dev191924. * first shared

Stem Cell Reports, 2020

A Single Metabolite which Modulates Lipid Metabolism Alters Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cell Behavior and Promotes Lymphoid Reconstitution. Giger S., Kovtonyuk L.V., Utz S.G., Ramosaj M., Kovacs W.J., Schmid E., Ioannidis V., Greter M., Manz M.G., Lutolf M.P., Jessberger S., Knobloch, M. 2020/09/08. Stem Cell Reports, 3 (15) pp. 566-576.

Scientific Reports, 2020

A novel protocol to detect green fluorescent protein in unfixed, snap-frozen tissue. Scandella V., Paolicelli R.C., Knobloch M., 2020/09/04. Scientific Reports, 10 (1) p. 14642.

Cell Stem Cell, 2020

Introductions to the Community: Early-Career Researchers in the Time of COVID-19. Cell Stem Cell 2020 Jun 4;26(6):815-816. Epub 2020 May 20.

Cell Stem Cell, 2019

Sensing the Environment: Extracellular Lactate Levels Control Adult Neurogenesis. Scandella V. & Knobloch M. 2019/12/05. Cell Stem Cell, 25 (6) pp. 729-731. Preview article

Development, 2019

A SY-Stematic approach towards understanding stem cell biology. Pilz G.A. & Knobloch M., 2019/06/21. Development, 146 (13) pp. dev177220.

Current Opinion in Lipidology, 2018

Burning fat to keep your stem cells? The role of fatty acid oxidation in various tissue stem cells. Knobloch M. & Widmann C., 2018/10. Current Opinion in Lipidology, 29 (5) pp. 426-427.

Nature, 2017

The role of fatty acid β-oxidation in lymphangiogenesis. Wong B.W., Wang X., Zecchin A., Thienpont B., Cornelissen I., Kalucka J., García-Caballero M., Missiaen R., Huang H., Brüning U. et al., 2017/02/02. Nature, 542 (7639) pp. 49-54.

Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 2017

Metabolism and neurogenesis. Knobloch M., Jessberger S., 2017/02. Current opinion in neurobiology, 42 pp. 45-52.

Brain Plasticity, 2017

The Role of Lipid Metabolism for Neural Stem Cell Regulation. Knobloch M., 2017. Brain Plasticity, 3 (1) pp. 61-71.

Cell Reports, 2017

A Fatty Acid Oxidation-Dependent Metabolic Shift Regulates Adult Neural Stem Cell Activity. Knobloch M., Pilz G.A., Ghesquière B., Kovacs W.J., Wegleiter T., Moore D.L., Hruzova M., Zamboni N., Carmeliet P., Jessberger S., 2017. Cell Reports, 20 (9) pp. 2144-2155.

Frontiers in Biology, 2015

Metabolic control of adult neural stem cell behavior. Knobloch M & Jessberger S, 2015/04. Frontiers in Biology, 10 (2) pp. 100-106.

Stem Cell Reports, 2014

SPOT14-positive neural stem/progenitor cells in the hippocampus respond dynamically to neurogenic regulators. Knobloch M., von Schoultz C., Zurkirchen L., Braun S.M., Vidmar M., Jessberger S., 2014/11/11. Stem Cell Reports, 3 (5) pp. 735-742.

Development, 2013

Predicting stem cell fate changes by differential cell cycle progression patterns. Roccio M., Schmitter D., Knobloch M., Okawa Y., Sage D., Lutolf M.P., 2013/01/15. Development, 140 (2) pp. 459-470.

Nature, 2013

Metabolic control of adult neural stem cell activity by Fasn-dependent lipogenesis. Knobloch M., Braun S.M., Zurkirchen L., von Schoultz C., Zamboni N., Araúzo-Bravo M.J., Kovacs W.J., Karalay O., Suter U., Machado R.A. et al., 2013/01/10. Nature, 493 (7431) pp. 226-230.