D_Hamidovic Director of the archaeological excavation: Prof. Dr. David Hamidovic (UNIL)
Logistics and Communication Manager: Régis Aligon (UNIL)
K_Raphael Operations Manager: Dr. Kate Raphaël (UNIL)
Underground Operations Manager: Prof. Dr. Yinon Shivtiel (ZAC)
Numismatist: Doctor Dany Syon (IAA)
WebMaster : Sophie Gloor (UNIL)
Excavation Square Supervisor: Guillaume Saehr (UNIL)
Excavation Square Supervisor: Ionna Bachtsevanidou-Strantzali (UNIL).
Director of Photography and Visual Anthropologist: Dr. Francis Mobio (UNIL)
Anciens membres :
Topographer: Michel Cousin (UNIL)