What is copyright?

The concept of “copyright” covers several different rights: right of reproduction, right of representation, right of adaptation, right of distribution, etc. For this reason, the concept of “copyright” is also used.

Until you have signed an assignment contract, you are in possession of all rights to the document.

Most publishers, however, require that you sign a contract of assignment of rights, the scope of which varies from publisher to publisher. Indeed, you do not have to give your rights to the publisher to allow him to disseminate your work. The more rights you give up, the more difficult it will be to reuse your publication.

How to proceed ?

If there is no contract

Until you have signed a contract, you are free to file your publication on SERVAL. Nevertheless, in the context of a loyal relationship, inform your publisher.

If there is a contract

Read carefully the conditions provided by the publisher. Pay particular attention to maintaining the right to file your publication on SERVAL. For this reason, references such as “exclusive” or “all rights” should be clearly deleted.

Get the informations

For the policy of the main editors on self-archiving, consult the SHERPA / RoMEO database. The majority of publishers allow the deposit of the last version of the author accepted by the reading committee. In general, the PDF of the publisher can not be used.

When signing

If necessary, ask the editor for the right to file on SERVAL. To do so, attach your SPARC Addendum to your contract in order to retain the essential rights. The brochure “Author Rights” gives all the necessary information on the Addendum.

At the time of filing

The right to deposit in an institutional server is sometimes accompanied by conditions. In order for you to legally file, the SERVAL interfaces have been designed taking into account these constraints: possibilities to define an embargo duration during which the document will not be published, a URL to the publisher’s site, DOI, etc.

Publishing your search

Choice of the magazine

Besides criteria such as the number of citations or the impact factor, it is advisable to take into account criteria such as: speed of publication, possibility to deposit in parallel on a server, policy of the publisher versus the right Indexing quality, long-term archiving, and so on.

Publishing in OA

Also think about broadcasting on an OA magazine. Some OA journals have a reading committee and are of an excellent standard. In addition, articles published in OA are more cited than others and are available quickly. Consult the DOAJ regularly, as the number of OA journals continues to increase.