The causal effects of public policy on individual behavior

“As a result of covid, the job market has changed. […] we have to choose our future job.”

Faced with the uncertainty surrounding the job market, present and future, and in particular following the Covid-19 crisis, Rafael Lalive, ordinary professor in political economy at the HEC faculty of the UNIL, decided to examine the effect of public policies on the behavior and possibilities of job seekers.

Since the labor market has changed significantly since the pandemic, he believes that it is necessary to support individuals in their search for work, particularly when they make career changes.

In his research, Rafael Lalive is developing a tool that will allow job seekers to find a position by relying less on their professional background and more on their individual aptitudes, and in particular their transversal skills.

What measures should be taken? What kinds of changes need to be implemented? These are the political and social questions that Professor Lalive’s research attempts to answer.

Today, even more than before the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems necessary according to him to act to choose and create our future, through political decisions, democratic participation and reflection around our public policies.

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