Does Clean Energy Mean Expensive Energy?

[English version only] Sébastien Houde is an Associate Professor of Environmental Economics at HEC Lausanne (UNIL). In this episode of Perspectives by Enterprise for Society Center (E4S), solutions are adressed to 3 main bottlenecks to the energy transition.

First, we struggle to attract the amount of capital required for long-term investments in infrastructure. Second, the availability of some crucial materials to build this infrastructure is already under serious threat. And third, companies have trouble recruiting the huge workforce needed to install solar panels and other technologies.

In this podcast, Professor Houde will walk you through the concept of carbon pricing, how it could be implemented, and the social aspect of the energy transition in a context of inflation will be discussed. At the end of the episode, the speakers will look at the future of the energy sector, which could well go in completely unexpected directions.

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