The future of AI regulation and its impact on OGD 

Data availability is crucial for the development of AI, and the government is one of the main holders of relevant sources of data. The implementation of Open Government Data is one of the fundamental cornerstone for creating a healthy and dynamic Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystem. 

However, the availability of data should not be the only governmental concern. Public authorities should also ensure responsible use of data, complying with human values. Indeed, governments face different opportunities and risks stemming from the use and development of new technologies. It is challenging for public administrators and policymakers to have a comprehensive account of such risks and opportunities.

From a legal and comparative perspective, several states and international organisations such as the European Union and the Council of Europe, have already expressed their concerns about the respect of human values. New regulations governing AI development and implementation are under discussion. Our project aims to analyse these new international regulatory developments regarding AI and evaluate their impact on the Swiss legal framework and administrative practices regarding the implementation of OGD.

Project by: Sophie Weerts