Federico Amato

Research Topic

My research interests fall within the fields of geography of complexity, spatial statistics techniques, machine learning and environmental risk modelling. I am very much interested in applying my knowledge to analyse and model large-scale multivariate and high dimensional datasets, tackling the great environmental challenges of the 21st century.


I have a a MS in Building Engineering and Architecture. I defended my Ph.D. in Sustainable Development and Innovation Engineering at the School of Engineering of the University of Basilicata with a thesis entitled “Scenario-based Modelling of Land Use Changes: Methodological Advances and Implication on Urban and Regional Planning”.

In 2018, I joined the GeoKDD laboratory at the Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics as a PostDoctoral Research Fellow in Environmental Data Mining.

I have been a scientific (co)advisor of numerous master projects on different topics, including image classification, remote sensing for the seismic damage classification to support disaster risk management, Cellular Automata framework to predict land use changes, geostatistical models to measure the impact of the expansion of wind-fields on carbon stock sequestration and ecosystem services loss.

I am member of the program committees of the international workshops “Sustainability Performance Assessment: models, approaches and applications toward interdisciplinary and integrated solutions”, organised within the International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications. Moreover, I am reviewer of several international peer-reviewed journals, including: Applied Geomatics (Springer), Applied Geography (Elsevier), Remote Sensing (MDPI), Sustainability (MDPI), Sensors (MDPI), Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Springer).

Finally, I am proactive about science communication, and since 2016 I support the organization of the Italian Science Communication Festival, an event aiming at stimulate public debate and promote scientific knowledge on a wide range of topics.

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