Workshop Intersectionality

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Practices and Discourses of Resistance
Anthropological-artistic workshop on artistic forms of representation of gendered power relations in the urban spac

This is an experience-based and story-telling workshop. No further preparation is needed.

During the research project ERC ARTIVISM we paid particular attention to gendered power relations in the development of an actor-centred approach by questioning “binary etic categories of analysis and visualise agency within precarious structures while giving preference to a bottom-up inductive approach instead of a top-down deductive setting and focusing on gendered power relations”

Consequently, we invite the scientific community members, artists, activists, and the public, in general, to discuss how these power relationships are made visible and materialised in contexts where we did our ethnographic research.

Participants will have the opportunity to describe the visual, spatial, material and symbolic aspects through which the power relationships –in particular, link to intersectionality-discourses and practices of resistance are made visible in the urban spaces. They are welcome to bring a visual or material aspect to their narration, for example, letters, sketches, photos, objects…

The workshop aims to be a space for exchange between academia, art, activism and civil society, in order to develop a collective reflection on the visual and material forms of power relations in the urban environment, as well as forms of resistance. How can we create a bottom-up dans lequel des formes artistiques d’expression reflètent l’intersectionnalité ?

Kristy Sandoval

Kristy Sandoval is a Los Angeles based artist from Pacoima. As a first generation Latinx Artivist her work touches on social justice, and womyn empowerment themes. Her brushstrokes have been mainly dedicated to social practice art in mural work. This came about in 2008 while developing arts education programming for local organizations. Through the healing power of creativity she, along with other local artists, changed the reputation of the neighborhood with the uprising of Mural Mile in Pacoima. The recognition for this success led Sandoval to go international with being the first woman muralist for the Mural Istanbul Festival in 2015.

Shortly after Sandoval was presented with the Phenomenal Woman Award in 2016 by the Department of Gender & Women's Studies at Cal State University Northridge amongst several other awards presented by the City of Los Angeles for her continued practice. She has presented her work and spoken at many universities, museums, organizations, events and in the media. For most of 2017 Sandoval worked with Amnesty International in their Art for Amnesty campaign creating art pieces representing individual political prisoner cases from around the world. Having experienced it first hand, she believes in the healing power of art and continues to paint murals, direct and develop Arts Programing. She consults on event productions and paints commissioned pieces.

Kristy is a self-taught muralist, her time spent at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco exposed her to formal art training but she is not afraid to mix and explore new mediums in her designs while keeping sustainability and green space in mind. She's picked up the artist name kSan and a distinct and unique style with her sarape-like dripping texture that is representative of her culture and is ever changing in it’s color schemes.

Kristy Sandoval © Sara Wiederkehr

ERC Artivism

This workshop is part of the broader activities related to the ERC project ERC ARTIVISM. Art and Activitism. Creativity and Performance as Creative means of Expression in Super-Diverse Cities lead by Prof. Monika Salzbrunn, namely the final conference Artivism and Creative Resistances: New Research Methods and New Alliances between Art and Activism (12.-14.4.22). The ERC ARTIVISM Project ( has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) within the framework of the European Union’s research and innovation programme “Horizon 2020” (ARTIVISM - grant agreement No. 681880). Dr. Raphaela von Weichs is senior researcher and Federica Moretti and Sara Wiederkehr are PhD students within the project.

With Coralie Lamotte, UNIL

With Léa Jusseau, UNIL

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