Ateliers BD – Reine Dibussi, Hugues Bertrand Biboum

Comics speak in many ways about social life, culture, politics and other aspects of life. Born in the urban, they particularly question life in the city, the urban infrastructure and the transformation of the urban, the relationship between past, present and future, and the gendering of power relations in (post)modern society. The sequential format of the narrative, its visualization and graphic style, the semantic density and coding, as well as the subversive power of comics make them particularly attractive to a wide audience. They have become not only a global commodity, but also a subject of study and a powerful medium of communication.

Two cartoonists with roots in Cameroon's largest cities, Douala and Yaoundé, will each give a workshop on their comics and their vision of social and cultural life in the city, its transformations and its forms of resistance.

Both workshops are by registration (except for conference participants)