1.a SPANDAYS 5th-6th of May 2011 – Program

5th of May (Extranef – salle 125)

Morning: 9h30-12h30

  • Charles Bohan
    Worldwide Cities’ Network of the Motor Industry
    Work on Tulip
  • Bérengère Gautier
    Comparing worldwide networks of multinational firms in agro-food sector
    Work on Tulip
  • Marco Salvini
    Comparison of city networks
    Work on NWB
  • Céline Rozenblat
    Multi-level and multi-dimensional networks
    Work on Tulip

12h30-14h: lunch
Afternoon: 14h-18h

  • Laurent Beauguitte
    Political geography and graph analysis
    UCINET, Pajek, R
  • François Queyroi
    Partitioning hierarchical methods: application to commuters’ flows
  • Guy Mélançon
    Some reflections about geographical graphs visualizations

Definition of working groups

6th of May (Anthropole, IGUL – salle 4070.1)
Morning: 9h30-12h30
Working groups

12h30-14h: lunch
Afternoon: 14h-18h
Synthesis of working groups

Sessions are open, please kindly register to Céline Rozenblat (celine.rozenblat@unil.ch)
Les journées sont ouvertes au public. Inscription auprès du Prof. Céline Rozenblat

List of participants