Urban AI: The Think Tank

Urban AI’s Thing Tank is a platform that promotes the use of artificial intelligence technologies to make cities smarter, based on six principles for urbanized technologies (i.e. technologies that promote urbanity and “cityness”): situated, open, decentralized, frictionless, meaningful and ecological. The think tank is based in Paris and was founded in 2021 by Hubert Beroche, who explored 12 cities and met more than 130 AI researchers to understand how AI is transforming and will transform cities. 

The core aspects of the think tank have been presented in the URBAN AI report, co-authored by 20 contributors who answer the same question: how will Urban AI transform our cities? According to Beroche, the aim was to create and develop the concept of “Urban AI” by discussing the different aspects of this technology and reflecting on its implications. The report can be downloaded from the following link:


To date, the think tank has experienced significant growth, supporting more than 150 members. It has also produced several reports (e.g. The Future of Urban AI: Global Dialogues on Urban Artificial Intelligence, Geopolitics of Smart Cities: Expression of Soft Power and New Order, What goes into urban AI?). To learn more about Urban AI’s Thing Tank, please visit their website at:


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