Smart Metaverse City – Digital twins cities

Smart Metaverse City – Digital twins cities

According to Charitonidou (2022), digital twins are virtual replicas of cities that are used to simulate environments and develop scenarios to address policy issues related to urban planning (e.g., sustainability, climate change, transport, etc.). Recently, Xu et al. (2023) published the chapter “Toward a Smart Metaverse City: Immersive Realism and 3D Visualization of Digital Twin Cities” in “Advances in Scalable and Intelligent Geospatial Analytics” (Durbha et al., 2023). The publication presents a conceptual prototype that combines the unique advantage of metaverse technology with the two-way connectivity of a digital twin city application.

This combination offers the possibility to create a virtual environment for immersive geovisualization that provides the opportunity to understand the complex urban system through science-based and data-driven approaches. The proposal and its real-world applications are discussed based on a twin city developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to facilitate participatory, smart and sustainable campus management.

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