The biostatistics platform acts as an entry point for all questions related to statistics within the FBM, and can redirect you to the people most competent in order to help you (as described on our collaboration page)

The services that can be delivered directly by the platfrom are described below; they cover the entire scientific process (from experimental design to publication), and any kind of data, from small experiments to data generated by high-throughput methods (proteomics, genomics, metabolomics, etc)


The main activity of the platform is the statistical analysis of data, but this extends to other steps of the scientific process; for example:

  • Experimental design: planification of an experiment, determination of the number of samples required (power analysis)
  • Submission of grant proposal or ethics requests
  • Data collection, data management
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualisation
  • Article writing
  • Answering reviewers questions

We also offer more general service; for example, auditing a lab’s data analysis processes and/or making sure that all researchers agree on the methods used. Typically, we collect questions and information from the different members of the lab, and then discuss the answers during a lab meeting or at another occasion.

Different forms of collaboration

Our services can be provided in different ways. Most often, we analyze data ourself, in close collaboration with the researchers. In some cases, we provide advice and answer questions from researchers who want to analyze their own data.

However, we also promote another way of collaborating, in the form of coaching. Members of the biostatistics platform will follow researchers (typically PhD students or postdocs), working with them so that they can learn how to analyze their data, with the goal of making them as independent as possible in the long run.

In some cases, this can take the form of a co-supervision of a PhD student.