Fees and policies

To sustain its activity, the Biostatistics platform uses a fee-for-service model, like other platforms at UNIL. The cost is based on the actual operational costs; the unit costs are calculated according to the rules set by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the European Commission, and are approved by the direction of the UNIL.

In 2019, for academic partners, the cost per hour is the following

U.1 (direct costs)87.63
U.2 (direct costs + other direct costs)87.63
U.3 (direct costs + other direct costs + indirect costs)98.14

Industry partners should contact us for more information about pricing for industry collaborations.

Our platform does not have dedicated funding to carry out collaborative projects; all users must organize payment of the work they request. We strongly encourage researchers to request funding dedicated for statistical analyses at the time of grant application. The platform coordinator can provide support and help with research proposal writing.

Note that the fact that service is paid for is independement from the requirements that the work of the platform must be acknowledged, or that the person doing the work may have the opportunity to be a co-author on any publication resulting from the work (see below).


At a minimum, the work carried out by the Biostatistics platform should be acknowledged in all publications which either present data that was analyzed by the platform, or for which the help of the platform was requested at any step of the scientific process (design, analysis, paper writing, etc). The name and affiliation of the platform should mentioned as follows:

“Biostatistics Platform, Faculty of Biology and Medecine, University of Lausanne, Switzerland”

In addition, citing specific person names is appreciated.


The usual academic rules for authorships, as described by the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences, apply if the results of any work conducted within the platform is published in a scientific journal, a conference presentation, a poster, or a similar media. In particular, if the work provided contributes significantly to the content of the publication, the scientists of the platform shall have the opportunity of being coauthors on the resulting papers.

The decision is based only on the scientific merits of the contribution, and is independent of whether the work was performed in exchange for payment or not. In any case, as indicated above, the platform and its scientists shall be acknowledged in any publication that presents data or results originating from the platform.

The platform and the external collaborators can agree, before the work is done, on a different rule on a case-by-case basis.

Open science

The platform is committed to the ideals of open science.