The biostatistics platform provides consulting and help with the statistical analysis of data, but also provides a simple entry point for all your statistical questions, and can redirect you if need the competences of other data analysts in the course of your research.

In order to provide the best possible service, we collaborate with other structures within the UNIL, the CHUV and other institutions in Lausanne, and in particular:

  • The Translational bioinformatics and statistics group (TBS), Department of oncology, University Lausanne
  • The Division de biostatistique et méthodes quantitatives (dBMQ), at Unisanté
  • The Centre de Recherche Clinique, at CHUV
  • The Bioinformatics Competence Center of the FBM, at UNIL, for data analysis which include more computational work
  • The Department of Computational Biology of the FBM, for work that will require the development of new analysis methods
  • The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

We also collaborate with data-generating platforms within the FBM, either to help them directly or to take over data analysis of client’s data when the analysis reaches the limit of what can be provided by these platforms.