Publication by Radek Szymanski in the edited volume The Legacy of Vattel’s Droit Des Gens, K. Stapelbroek & A. Trampus (eds.), Palgrave Macmillan, 2019.

Radek Szymanski has contributed a chapter entitled ‘Vattel as an Intermediary Between the Economic Society of Berne and Poland’ to a recently published edited volume The Legacy of Vattel’s Droit Des Gens. The collective work edited by Koen Stapelbroek and Antonio Trampus was published with Palgrave Macmillan.

In the chapter Szymanski discusses Emer de Vattel’s relatively unknown three-year stay in Poland (1760-1763). He first focuses on Vattel’s role in establishing a network of Swiss and Polish reform thinkers; then on the imprint which he left on Polish late eighteenth-century authors. Significantly, while in Warsaw Vattel aligned himself with the Economic Society of Bern and its French secretary Elie Bertrand (1713-1797), whose economic reform agenda can be seen as complementary to his own vision of an international order. Simultaneously, his stance on the question of international intervention, also based on a nuanced understanding of modern commerce, inspired Polish thinkers attempting to delegitimise the first partition of Poland.

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