Team meeting in Berne, 13 June 2018

On 13 June 2018 the Enlightenment Agrarian Republics team spent the day in Bern, meeting in the historic building of the Grande Société, a club founded the same year as the Economic Society of Bern in 1759. We discussed ongoing research in the archives of the Economic Society, held next door at the Burgerbibliothek of Bern. We also discussed plans for upcoming conferences in Lausanne – “Les vertus républicaines à l’âge du doux commerce” (29-30 June 2018) and a conference organised around the correspondence between Mirabeau and Sacconay (27 October 2018)  – and a future conference, to take place in 2020, dedicated to the Enlightenment Agrarian Republics SNSF project. In between meetings, we visited other historic locations, such as the Kornhaus and the Französiche Kirche, where Elie Bertrand was pastor.

Anonymous, Theaterplatz and the Hôtel de la Musique, the seat of the Cercle de la Grande Société.