Selected publications (from 2015 to present)

Year 2019

Wavelet Scale Variance Analysis of Wind Extremes in Mountainous Terrains.
Telesca Luciano, Guignard Fabian, Helbig Nora, Kanevski Mikhail, 2019/08/07. Energies, 12 (16) p. 3048. Peer-reviewed.

Spatio-temporal pattern distribution of landslides causing damage in Switzerland.

Marj Tonini, Mariaelena Cama. 2019/07. Landslides. Peer-reviewed.
Analysis of temporal properties of extremes of wind measurements from 132 stations over Switzerland.
Telesca Luciano, Guignard Fabian, Laib Mohamed, Kanevski Mikhail, 2019/06. Renewable Energy. Peer-reviewed.
Wavelet variance scale-dependence as a dynamics discriminating tool in high-frequency urban wind speed time series.
Guignard Fabian, Mauree Dasaraden, Kanevski Mikhail, Telesca Luciano, 2019/07. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 525 pp. 771-777. Peer-reviewed.
Community detection analysis in wind speed-monitoring systems using mutual information-based complex network.
Laib Mohamed, Guignard Fabian, Kanevski Mikhail, Telesca Luciano, 2019/04. Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science, 29 (4) p. 043107. Peer-reviewed.
Linearity versus non-linearity in high frequency multilevel wind time series measured in urban areas
Telesca Luciano, Laib Mohamed, Guignard Fabian, Mauree Dasaraden, Kanevski Mikhail, 2019/03. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 120 pp. 234-244. Peer-reviewed.


Investigating the time dynamics of wind speed in complex terrains by using the Fisher–Shannon method
Guignard Fabian, Lovallo Michele,Laib Mohamed, Golay Jean, Kanevski Mikhail, Helbig Nora, Telesca Luciano, 2019/02. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 523 pp. 611-621. Peer-reviewed.
Fisher–Shannon Complexity Analysis of High-Frequency Urban Wind Speed Time Series
Guignard Fabian, Mauree Dasaraden, Lovallo Michele, Kanevski Mikhail, Telesca Luciano,2019/01/10. Entropy, 21 (1) p. 47. Peer-reviewed.

Year 2018

Fuzzy definition of Rural Urban Interface: An application based on land use change scenarios in Portugal
Amato Federico, Tonini Marj, Murgante Beniamino, Kanevski Mikhail, 2018/06. Environmental Modelling & Software, 104 pp. 171-187.

Land use changes, landslides and roads in the Phewa Watershed, Western Nepal from 1979 to 2016
Vuillez Cindy, Tonini Marj, Sudmeier-Rieux Karen, Devkota Sanjaya, Derron Marc-Henri, Jaboyedoff Michel, 2018/05. Applied Geography, 94 pp. 30-40.

Multifractal analysis of the time series of daily means of wind speed in complex regions
Laib Mohamed, Golay Jean, Telesca Luciano, Kanevski Mikhail, 2018/04. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 109 pp. 118-127.

Long-range fluctuations and multifractality in connectivity density time series of a wind speed monitoring network
Laib Mohamed, Telesca Luciano, Kanevski Mikhail, 2018/03. Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science, 28 (3) p. 033108.

Wildfire susceptibility mapping: Deterministic vs. stochastic approaches
Leuenberger Michael, Parente Joana, Tonini Marj, Pereira Mário Gonzalez, Kanevski Mikhail, 2018/03. Environmental Modelling & Software, 101 pp. 194-203.

Periodic fluctuations in correlation-based connectivity density time series: Application to wind speed-monitoring network in Switzerland
Laib Mohamed, Telesca Luciano, Kanevski Mikhail, 2018/02. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 492 pp. 1555-1569. Peer-reviewed.
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Year 2017

Feature selection for regression problems based on the Morisita estimator of intrinsic dimension
Golay J., Leuenberger M., Kanevski M., 2017/05/10. Pattern Recognition, 70 pp. 126-138. Peer-reviewed.

Data-driven mapping of the potential mountain permafrost distribution
Deluigi Nicola, Lambiel Christophe, Kanevski Mikhail, 2017/03/08. Science of the Total Environment, 590-591 pp. 370–380. Peer-reviewed.

Unsupervised feature selection based on the Morisita estimator of intrinsic dimension
Golay J., Kanevski M., 2017. Knowledge-Based Systems, 135 pp. 125-134. Peer-reviewed.

Evolution of forest fires in Portugal: from spatio-temporal point events to smoothed density maps
Tonini Marj, Pereira Mário Gonzalez, Parente Joana, Vega Orozco Carmen, 2017/02. Natural Hazards, 85 (3) pp. 1489-1510.

Year 2016

Spatial Modelling of Extreme Wind Speed Distributions in Switzerland
Laib Mohamed, Kanevski Mikhail, 2016/11. Energy Procedia, 97 pp. 100-107. Peer-reviewed.

Geomorphological activity at a rock glacier front detected with a 3D density-based clustering algorithm
Micheletti Natan, Tonini Marj, Lane Stuart N., 2016/11. Geomorphology.

Comparing seismicity declustering techniques by means of the joint use of Allan Factor and Morisita index
Telesca L., Lovallo M., Golay J., Kanevski M., 2016. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, 30 pp. 77-90. Peer-reviewed.

Space-time clustering analysis of wildfires: The influence of dataset characteristics, fire prevention policy decisions, weather and climate
Parente Joana, Pereira Mário G., Tonini Marj, 2016. Science of The Total Environment, 559 pp. 151-165.

Year 2015

A new estimator of intrinsic dimension based on the multipoint Morisita index
Golay J., Kanevski M., 2015/12. Pattern Recognition, 48 (12) pp. 4070-4081. Peer-reviewed.

Multifractal portrayal of the Swiss population
Vega Orozco C. D., Golay J., Kanevski M., 2015/03. Cybergeo : European Journal of Geography [En ligne] pp. 1-16. Peer-reviewed.

Characterization and spatial distribution of gravitational slope deformation in the Upper Rhone catchment (Western Swiss Alps)
Pedrazzini Andrea, Humair Florian, Jaboyedoff Michel, Tonini Marj, 2015/03. Landslides pp. 1-19.

Geospatial approach for defining the Wildland-Urban Interface in the Alpine environment
Conedera M., Tonini M., Oleggini L., Vega Orozco C., Leuenberger M., Pezzatti Gianni B., 2015. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 52 pp. 10-20.

Space-time clustering analysis performance of an aggregated dataset: The case of wildfires in Portugal
Pereira Mário G., Caramelo Liliana, Orozco Carmen Vega, Costa Ricardo, Tonini Marj, 2015. Environmental Modelling & Software, 72 (17) pp. 239-249.

Morisita-based feature selection for regression problems
Golay J., Leuenberger M., Kanevski M., 2015. pp. 279-284 dans Proceedings of the 23rd European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning (ESANN). Peer-reviewed, d-side pub.

Morisita-based space-clustering analysis of Swiss seismicity
Telesca L., Golay J., Kanevski M., 2015. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 419 pp. 40-47. Peer-reviewed.