ISSP Conference 2019

Tolerance, Sociability and Solidarity in Scottish Philosophy

On 8-10 March 2019, the Philosophy Department in Lausanne will host the 2019 spring conference of the Institute for the Study of Scottish Philosophy ISSP Sioux Falls, (the former Center for the Study of Scottish Philosophy CSSP, Princeton).

Here is the conference poster, and here is the detailed programme. (Please note that last-minute updates and changes might occur!)

Societies are kept together by different kinds of glue. Self-interested factors such as the fear of leaving society, and the awareness of various benefits of living with others may play their roles. Yet there are also other factors, such as forms of natural sociability, benevolence and sympathy, solidarity with other members of society, and tolerance with respect to different opinions and values. Sometimes religion is considered helpful for keeping societies together, sometimes it is presented as the very cause of division. The nature, potential and limits of tolerance, sociability, solidarity and the role of religion were discussed by many philosophers in the Scottish tradition, and in particular in the Scottish Enlightenment. The first conference of the new Institute for the Study of Scottish Philosophy (ISSP), to be held in Lausanne (Switzerland) on 8-10 March 2019, will explore these issues.

Plenary Speakers:
Alexander Broadie, University of Glasgow
Daniel Carey, NUI Galway
Gordon Graham, Princeton Theological Seminary
Jacqueline Taylor, University of San Francisco

Jacopo Agnesina, University of Piemonte Orientale
Michele Bee, University of Lausanne
Sophie Bergont, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Ruth Boeker, University College Dublin
Ross Carroll, University of Exeter
Jeff Edwards, Stony Brook University
Claire Etchegaray, University of Paris Nanterre
Enrico Galvagni, University of Trento
Colin Heydt, University of South Florida
Willem Lemmens, University of Antwerp
John McHugh, Denison University
Justine Roulin, University of Lausanne
Paolo Santori (and Luigino Bruni), University Roma LUMSA
Chris Shrock, Ohio Valley University

Tim Stuart-Buttle, University of York


James Foster, University of Sioux Falls

Christian Maurer, University of Lausanne

Giovanni Gellera, University of Lausanne

Conference Venue: University of Lausanne – Bâtiment Extranef, Rooms 126 (Plenaries) and 118.1 (Parallel sessions)

(Metro stop “UniL-Chamberonne”, see also map)

For information regarding travel and accommodation, visit this page: ISSP 2019 Travel and Accommodation Information.