The research project team and their focus in the research project:

Prof. Dr. Tobias Mettler: “I will coordinate the overall project and guide Stefan and Vadym throughout their PhD“

Vadym Mozgovoy, Phd. Candidate: “While physiolytics may improve the wellbeing of users in private settings (usually referred to as “quantified self”), it may have different effects in institutional contexts. My role in this project is to investigate whether the implementation of physiolytics improves the organizational performance and worker wellbeing by reducing work-related stress, anxiety or related occupational diseases.” (Click here to read more.)

Stefan Stepanovic, Phd. Candidate: “Physiolytics offer great possibilities for disease prevention and health promotion. They notably contribute to support health behavior change and create strategies toward healthier lifestyles. However, in order to obtain these positive outcomes, an important key is to assure a sustained use of physiolytics and a long-term engagement from the individuals.” (Click here to read more.)