The final program and the abstract book of the MedLem2019 can be download here.

Prof. Bernard Thorens (Center for Integrative Genomic, University of Lausanne), Prof. Silke Grabherr (University Center of Legal Medicine, Lausanne University Hospital), and Prof. Emmanouil Dermitzkis (Department of Genetic Medicine and Development, University of Geneva) were keynote speakers at the MedLem19.

The winner of the MedLem 2019 best Poster Prize was Arnaud Bakaric for his work entitled « Identification of molecular mechanisms underlying CIC-DUX4 tumor pathogenesis and aggressiveness ».

The winner of the MedLem 2019 best Oral Presentation Prize was Evgeniya Trofimenko for her work entitled « Potassium channels set permissive membrane potential for cell-penetrating peptide-induced water pore formation and peptide cellular uptake ».