The final program and the abstract book of the MedLem2017 can be download here.

Prof. Laura Rubbia-Brandt (Division of Pathology, Geneva University Hospital), Prof. Gérard Waeber (Department of Internal Medicine, Lausanne University Hospital), and Prof. François Démonet (Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Lausanne University Hospital) were keynote speakers at the MedLem17.

The winner of the MedLem 2017 best Poster Prize was Gretel Sanabria Diaz for her work entitled « Effect of APOE4 status on cortical thckness co-variance networks in Mild Cognitive Impairment »

The winner of the MedLem 2017 best Oral Presentation Prize was Flavia Storelli for her work entitled « Impact of CYP2D6 functional allelic variations on drug-drug interactions involving CYP2D6 »