Structural and Functional connectivity


With use of Magnetic Resonance Images the ‘connectome’ is now accessible at millimeter scale. With our approach described in [cammoun 2012], the structural connection matrix derived from diffusion MRI tractography could be constructed at 5 different scales for multiples needs.
With this method we could for instance study the architecture of a specific area; we are investigating auditory area connections of the human cortex.
Another way to construct the “connectome” is to use the resting state images. A Pearson correlation between the mean signals over each pair of ROIs is used to fill the connection matrix. In this context several analyses were done, such as collaboration with Prismatic adaptation project to analyze the change in functional connectivity or the change in functional connectivity after any other training.


Dr. Leila Cammoun
Dr. Sonia Crottaz-Herbette
Prof. Stephanie Clarke

[cammoun et al. 2012]
Dr. Patric Hagmann
Prof. Reto Meuli
Prof. Jean Philippe Thiran
Dr. Ayse At


Swiss National Science Foundation grants 3200030-124897 and 320030B-141177