Current collaborators

Niklas Linde  +41 21 692 44 01 /
Post-doc and lecturer
Giovanni Meles
Jürg Hunziker
PhD students


Past post-docs
Maria Klepikova  2019-2020
Jürg Hunziker  2015-2019
Guillaume Pirot  2015-2019
Damien Jougnot 2009-2014
Past PhD students
Lea Friedli

Likelihood estimation and risk assessment for inverse problems in the geosciences

Macarena Amaya

Geophysical and Hydrogeological Bayesian Inversion by Adaptive Sequential Monte Carlo

Shiran Levy
Efficient Bayesian inversion for geophysical applications: Leveraging deep learning and geostatistical methods
Alejandro Fernandez Visentini

Geoelectrical signatures of spreading and mixing

Alejandro Romero-Ruiz

Geophysical Methods for Field-Scale Characterization of Soil Structure

Justine Molron (co-supervision, University of Rennes 1)

Conditionnement des modèles de réseaux de fractures à des données géologiques et géophysiques pour la réduction des incertitudes dans les modèles d’écoulement et de transport

Carlotta Brunetti

Bayesian model selection in hydrogeophysics and hydrogeology

Giulia De Pasquale

Probabilistic geophysical inversion with structure-based priors and unknown interface geometries

Alexis Shakas

Characterizing fracture aperture and transport dynamics with hydrogeophysics: Theoretical and experimental advances

Tobias Lochbühler 2011-2014
Marina Rosas Carbajal

Time-lapse and probabilistic inversion strategies for plane-wave electromagnetic data

Caroline Dorn

Fracture network characterization using hydrological and geophysical data

Joseph Doetsch (co-supervision, ETHZ)

Joint and constrained inversion of geophysical data for improved imaging of aquifer structure and processes

Ilaria Coscia (co-supervision, ETHZ)

Time-varying electrical properties of infiltrating river water as a natural tracer for investigating flow and transport in an aquifer through time-lapse crosshole ERT

Past visiting PhD students (1 year or more)
Kaiyan Hu  2018-2019