Project summary

In this ProDoc, nine research groups, representing four major Swiss research centers, join together in a collaborative proposal to investigate the pollutant dynamics of a mid-sized lake system, Lake Geneva. Because it is such a large (580 km2), deep (max 309 m), and complex interacting system, Lake Geneva presents formidable research challenges. On a global scale, Lake Geneva is an important case study of a difficult class of mid-sized lakes. Such systems frequently disobey modelling assumptions commonly applied to either smaller lakes or very large water bodies (e.g., oceans or great lakes).


By interrogating deeply the water and sedimentation dynamics (Module 1), catchment micropollutant inputs (Module 2), micropollutant behavior (Module 3), and resulting microbial and ecological impacts on Lake Geneva (Module 4), this project aims to provide the scientific basis that will broadly redefine strategies for risk identification and sustainable management of this class of lakes.