Lab News

<<February 2024: Géraldine Menoud joins the lab

<<October 2023: Noémie Poli joins the lab

<<June 2023: Nadine Harmsen joins the lab

<<Nov 2022: Atiyé Ata Muhammad joins the lab

<<October 2021: Ursina Rathgeb joins the lab.

<<October 2021: Margaux Corset joins the lab.

<<October 2021: Aline Altenried joins the lab.

<<April 2021: Tatiana Eugster joins the lab.

<<March 2021: Martina Crea joins the lab.

<<January 2021: Daniel Garrido joins the lab.

<<October 2020: Pilar Vesga joins the lab.

<<June 2019: Clara Heiman receives the FBM Faculty Prize 2019 for her excellent Master thesis. Congratulations Clara!!

<<May 2019: Clara Heiman starts her PhD thesis in our lab.

<<April 2019: Carolina Munoz Alzate joins the lab.

<<March 2019: Nicolas Vuille joins the lab.

<<February 2019: Alexandre Erbetta joins the lab.

<<September 2018: Samantha Gozel joins the lab.

<<April 2018: Antoine Jacot joins the lab.

<<February 2018: Clara Heiman joins the lab.

<<December 2017: Daniela Nunes Clemente joins the lab.

<<October 2017: Béatrice Tappy joins the lab.

<<September 2017: Peter Kupferschmied is awarded the 2017 Prize of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the University of Lausanne for his excellent PhD thesis and resulting publications. Congratulations Peter!!!

<<April 2017: Julien Fiaux joins the lab.

<<December 2016: Jordan Vacheron and Pascale Flury join the lab

<<November 2016: Tim Rüfenacht joins the lab

<<September 2016: Laurent Casini joins the lab

<<July 2016: Fanny Louviot, Christelle Velatta & Titouan Laessle join the lab

<<April 2016: Vincent Vauthey joins the lab

<<April 2016: Samantha Duc joins the lab

<<Feb 2016: Silvia Brochet joins the lab

<<Jan 2016: Estelle Ifrid joins the lab

<<Dec 2015: Christelle Velatta joins the lab

<< Sep 2015: Cindy Dupuis joins the lab

<< Aug 2015: Titouan Laessle joins the lab

<< Jun 2015: Tatiana Sokoloff joins the lab

<< Jun 2015: Keel lab featured on Swiss Radio RTS

<< Apr 2015: Arnaud Durussel joins the lab

<< Dec 2014: Tanja Meylan joins the lab

<< Nov 2014: Keel lab featured on Swiss Television RSI LA1

<< Apr 2014: P. protegens CHA0 genome announcement

<< Feb 2014: PLOS Pathogens article published

<< Feb 2014: Tiancong Chai joins the lab

<< Feb 2014: Marina Stojiljkovic joins the lab

<< Jan 2014: Céline Terrettaz joins the lab

<< Jul 2013: Frontiers in Plant Science article published

<< Apr 2013: Keel lab featured in NZZ

<< Jan 2013: Environmental Microbiology article published