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PhD Students and Postdoctoral Researchers

The lab currently has no open position.

PhD students and postdocs interested in joining the Keel lab are encouraged to search for external sources of funding. Talented and motivated PhD candidates may get funding by applying for one of the competitive PhD fellowships offered every year by the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the University of Lausanne. The application deadline is usually by the beginning of November. More information can be found here.


Masters Students

The Keel lab offers fascinating Master projects for Biology students interested in the molecular interaction of bacteria with plants and insects. Projects typically involve techniques such as cloning, PCR, mutation by gene replacement, complementation by mini-transposon-based approaches, protein expression, flow cytometry, fluorescent reporters, fluorescence microscopy, virulence assays with plants, pathogens and insects. The Keel lab participates in the Master program Msc in Molecular Life Sciences of the University of Lausanne. Please click here to find more information.


Undergraduate Students

The Keel lab offers regularly opportunities for undergraduates to do internships. For requests please contact Christoph Keel.