Importance of our connection to nature to engage in pro-environmental actions

Almost three planet Earth would be needed if everyone lived like the Swiss population. The imbalance between Switzerland’s higher ecological footprint and our planetary boundaries has existed for decades. Today, Switzerland consumes 2.8 times more environmental services and resources than are globally available per person, according to the Federal Statistical Office. In order to transition to a more sustainable Switzerland, our behavior needs to change. The environmental identity of individuals plays a significant role in that transition.

In this podcast published by the SNF, Barbara Dubach speaks with Sandor Czellar about identity layers, motivational factors behind pro-environmental behavior and why it is key that we foster a close relationship with nature from early childhood onwards.

Source: This podcast was created by the Swiss National Science Foundation. The “Sustainable Economy” series gives opinion leaders access to the latest research of the National Research Project 73 “Sustainable Economy: resource-friendly, future-oriented, innovative”.

The podcast is in English.

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