Can NFTs Support Organizing in the Future of Work?

Emerging technologies are constantly evolving and shape how we organize work within organizations. Building upon design principles of decentralized autonomous organizations, the Point of View article of Yash Raj Shrestha, HEC Lausanne, and his co-author Patrick Nicolas Tinguely, ETH Zurich, explores how one application of blockchain technology offers novel avenues for organizing in the future of work. They argue that some degree of decentralization can enhance equality and fairness in traditional organizations.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets based on blockchain technology that are increasingly being used for various applications in organizations. In their article, the 2 authors explore how NFTs can be deployed in traditional, centralized organizations to introduce novel solutions to their fundamental problems of organizing. They examine the prospects, promises and hurdles of deploying NFTs in organizations to support their division of labor and integration of efforts and suggest how organizations can navigate its potential hurdles.

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