Symposium: Historical perspectives on English urban vernaculars (16 November 2013)

On Saturday, 16 November 2013 the symposium ‘Historical perspectives on English urban vernaculars’ will be held at Utrecht University.

The programme of this one-day event can be found below:

9.30-10.00Welcome and coffee
10.00-10.15Introduction (Anita Auer)
10.15-10.45Kjetil Thengs (University of Stavanger)
The traces of vernacular literacy: mapping Middle English written variation
10.45-11.15Moragh Gordon (Utrecht University)
Early Modern Bristol and the world: trade and migration
11.15-11.45Coffee break
11.45-12.15Tamara Peeters (Utrecht University)
The Norwich Book of orders: content and context
12.15-12.45Peter Trudgill (University of Agder)
Norwich as a trilingual city
12.45-14.15Lunch break
14.15-14.45Anita Auer (Utrecht University)
Third person singular present tense markers: evidence from Early Modern Norwich and York
14.45-15.15Marcelle Cole (Leiden University)
Morphosyntactic variation and competing agreement systems
15.15-15.45Julia Fernández Cuesta (University of Seville)
Wills and testaments as evidence for sociolinguistic analysis: supralocalisation processes in two corpora of wills from 16th-century northern England
15.45-16.15Coffee break
16.15-16.45Laura Wright (Cambridge University)
On the names of some 17th-century London rookeries (slums): data and methodology
16.45-17.15Sylvia Adamson (University of Sheffield)
Double Standards? Court vs City in Early Modern London
17.15-17.45Final discussion and closing of the symposium


The symposium will be held at the Sweelinckzaal, Drift 21, 3512 BR Utrecht, which lies in the centre of Utrecht.


For more information about the symposium (as well as travel and accommodation details), please contact us at