Historical Urban Vernaculars and Supralocalisation Processes, 19-20 November 2021 (online)


An online symposium to take place on 19 and 20 November 2021


The online symposium Historical Urban Vernaculars and Supralocalisation Processes takes place on zoom on 19 and 20 November 2021.

Historical urban vernaculars play an important role in the explanation of supralocalisation processes and thus the standardisation of written languages. Some of the factors that illustrate the seminal role of written language produced in cities for the explanation of standardisation processes are the higher literacy rates, the existence of religious and civic writing centres, the development of book printing, and dialect and language contact through migration and trade.

To shed more light on historical urban vernaculars and supralocalisation processes in different languages and to promote cross-linguistic discussions, the Emerging Standards team cordially invites researchers working on historical urban vernaculars and related topics to submit an abstract to the 1.5 day symposium Historical Urban Vernaculars and Supralocalisation Processes

We have the pleasure to welcome the following keynote speakers:

  • Josh Brown (Australian National University)
  • Joanna Kopaczyk (University of Glasgow)

    If you are interested in attending the symposium online, please register by filling in THIS FORM by 10 November 2021. You will then be sent the ZOOM link for the event by email.

    Given that the symposium is online, there are no symposium fees. 


    Friday, 19
    November 2021 
    14.30-15.30Welcome and Presentation of EMST Project Findings (Anita Auer, Moragh Gordon & Tino Oudesluijs)
    15.30-16.00The Supralocal Urban Vernaculars of Colombia
     Carlos Jair Martinez Albarracin (Independent Researcher)
    16.00-16.30Coffee break
    16.30-17.00Lingua Franca
    Joanna Nolan (SOAS)
    17.00-18.00Keynote lecture by Wim Vandenbussche (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
    “You can’t always get what you want.” Reflections on 25 Years of Research on Urban Vernaculars in Flanders and beyond
    18.00-19.00Apéro on wonder.me
    Saturday, 20 November 2021
    9.00-10.00Keynote lecture by Joshua Brown (Australian National University)
    Historical Urban Vernaculars and Supralocalisation Processes in Renaissance Italy
    10.00-10.30Exploring Historical Urban Vernaculars in Early Modern Bern, Switzerland
    Christa Schneider (University of Bern)
    10.30-11.00The Role of Carniolan Capital Ljubljana Vernacular in the Emergence of the Slovenian Literary Language in the 16th Century
     Alenka Jelovšek (Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts)
    11.00-11.30Coffee break
    11.30-12.00On the Anglo-Norman Origins of Supralocalisation in English
    Laura Wright (University of Cambridge)
    12.00-12.30Another Look at the Samuels Standards
    Jacob Thaisen (University of Oslo)
    12.30-14.00Lunch Break
    14.00-14.30Urban Vernacular Processes and Contact in Early Modern Icelandic (1500-1800): The Loss of the Pronominal Dual
     Heimir F. Viðarsson (University of Iceland)
    14.30-15.00The Emerging Standard Language: Newspapers in Early Modern German
    Ulrike Demske (University of Potsdam)
    15.00-16.00Keynote lecture by Joanna Kopaczyk (University of Glasgow):
    It is to wyt… sciendum est… Supralocalisation Processes in a Historical Multilingual Environment
    16.00-16.30 Final discussion and closing of the symposium


    Anita Auer, University of Lausanne (CH)

    Moragh Gordon, Leiden University (NL)

    Tino Oudesluijs, The University of Manchester (UK)