User guide

The Swiss egodocument database is a tool designed to help researchers identify documents of interest. Texts can be searched by keyword, title, subject, author, and year (or by any combination of these terms).

A short bibliographic record provides information about the author. These have been compiled from various sources (e.g. encyclopaedias); although certain information originates from the texts themselves and is therefore impossible to verify.

If in the Title field you find the letter (f) means the title was added at a later date; although we’re often unable to identify the source of this later title. If a text remains untitled you will see the letters w.t.

Within the Content field you’ll find a brief summary. These are of variable length and provide information about author and text.

The field labelled Edition(s) details when and where the text was published.

Classified as Secondary literature are monographs, periodical articles, collections of essays and doctoral dissertations on the author and / or their text.

An abbreviated list of archives, libraries and museums either consulted or visited for this project is available here.


UNIBAS and UNIL (see Presentation)

External contributors : Etienne HOFMANN (Wilfrid Regnault), Olivier PAVILLON (Jean Samuel Guisan), Damiano BARDELLI (Vincent Burlamaqui ; Wilhelm Charrière de Sévery), Auguste BERTHOLET (Jean-Jacques Polier de Bottens), Simone DE REYFF (François Pierre de Reynold), Damien BREGNARD (Carnet de route d’un soldat du régiment d’Eptingue), Rebekka HORLACHER (Anna Pestalozzi-Schulthess), Adrien WYSSBROD (Abraham, Jacques François, Jérôme-Emmanuel Boyve), Michael BLATTER (Hans  Jost Tschupp), Sandro FREFEL (Walter Klarer), Marco JORIO (Thomas Henrici), Jasmina CORNUT (Anne-Catherine Montheys), Pierre STREIT (Jean-Jacques de Beausobre)