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March 2024


DBC News is a monthly publication that seeks to inform first and foremost faculty members, researchers and students. It also reaches out to a wider community - Department of Computational Biology partners, visiting faculty and friends.

Alongside the Department's website it is a complementary means of keeping abreast of the Department's rich and diversified scientific activities - visiting faculty, exceptional conferences, publications, awards, appointments, calls for papers and research, ...


The whole DBC extends the warmest of welcomes to new members.
Dennis Bontempi
Postdoc, Group Bermann
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Mihaela-Diana Zanoaga
PhD, Group Kutalik
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Chaymae Ziyani
PhD, Group Kutalik
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Melinda Mischler
DBC Admin

Melinda is joining the DBC and CIG Admin Team!

Previously, Melinda worked at EPFL for different laboratories.

"I'm very excited to get started and join the department !"

Welcome Melinda!
Clément Train
Project Manager

Clément is joining the DBC as a Project manager on a InnoTrek Digital fund with David Moi and Nicolas Salamin


March 14th - DBC Internal seminar with Arianna Ravera

Image Analysis Specialist - DCSR - University of Lausanne

Arianna Ravera will present the DCSR and her role.

March 21st - DBC Seminar with

Prof. Michael Matschiner

Associate Professor - Sex and Evolution Research Group
Natural History Museum, Norway

"Phylogenomic insights into adaptive radiations"

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15th Lausanne Comp Bio Meeting

When: March 12th, 2024 from 10 am to 2 pm

Where: This 15th event will take place at UNIL - Biophore building - Room AMPHI

The goal of this meeting series is to bring together researchers from UNIL, CHUV, EPFL and industry, who are active in the field of Computational and Quantitative Biology. The meetings are sponsored by the Department of Computational Biology at UNIL.

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Biopôle Discovery Day 2024 - March 26th

This annual event is tailored for master’s and PhD students, young professionals and academic researchers aspiring to make their mark in the life sciences. Learn more


FameLab is an international competition that challenges participants to convey their love for science in just three minutes. It's not about PowerPoint slides or complex jargon; it's about connecting with the audience and making science accessible and engaging. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their research, discoveries, or scientific concepts in a fun and captivating way.

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Annual Meeting of the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution

July 7-11th

The Annual Meeting of the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution is dedicated to topics in genomics, proteomics, molecular biology and evolution. Learn more

Ancient DNA Beyond Allele Frequencies - July 29-31th

The SMBE Satellite Meeting on Ancient DNA Beyond Allele Frequencies will capitalise on this burgeoning field, bringing together researchers utilising these methods across human and non-human species. Learn more

Reconstructing the human past: using ancient and modern genomics - September 17-20th

Combining genome-wide data from ancient and modern populations opens new windows into the past and, importantly, their integration with archaeological evidence and historical records elucidates aspects of human history and cultural evolution of past societies. Learn more



A Comic Guide to the Evolution of Ancient Cells into Complex Brains. Learn more
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What follows is a small sampling of recently published research across the department — for a more complete list of publications, visit PubMed. If there is a paper you would like to see highlighted in the next issue of the newsletter, please email us.
Quality assessment of gene repertoire annotations with OMArk - With Yannis Nevers , Alex Warwick Vesztrocy, Victor Rossier, Clément-Marie Train , Christophe Dessimoz , Natasha M Glover

PheWAS-based clustering of Mendelian Randomisation instruments reveals distinct mechanism-specific causal effects between obesity and educational attainment - With Liza Darrous, Zoltán Kutalik

ANKRD1 is a mesenchymal-specific driver of cancer-associated fibroblast activation bridging androgen receptor loss to AP-1 activation - With Daniele Tavernari

Causality-enriched epigenetic age uncouples damage and adaptation - With Marie C Sadler, Zoltán Kutalik

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Postdoctoral Fellow - Pandemic-scale phylogenetics - Location : Hinxton, UK

Postdoctoral researcher: microbiome bioinformatics and metagenomics - Location : Zurich, Switzerland

Postdoc Position on Genome Assembly at the Population Scale - Location : Zurich, Switzerland

Lab Automation Scientist - Location : Zurich, Switzerland


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