Steven Kemp

Steven Kemp is assistant lecturer in criminology at the University of Girona and the Centre Crímina for the Study and Prevention of Crime at Miguel Hernández University, Spain. His main lines of research focus on fraud and cybercrime against both individuals and organisations. His research has analysed the factors associated with victimisation, impact and reporting of fraud and cybercrime, as well as the effectiveness of prevention strategies. Since the start of the pandemic, he has been studying the effects on fraud and cybercrime of the wide-ranging social changes brought about by COVID-19 and the associated lockdown measures.

Scientific articles on COVID-19 and crime
• Buil-Gil, D., Miró-Llinares, F., Moneva, A., Kemp, S., & Díaz-Castaño, N. (2021). Cybercrime and shifts in opportunities during COVID-19: a preliminary analysis in the UK. European Societies, 23:sup1, S47-S59.
• Kemp, S., Buil-Gil, D., Moneva, A., Miró-Llinares, F., & Díaz-Castaño, N. (2021). Empty streets, busy internet: A time-series analysis of cybercrime and fraud trends during COVID-19. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice.