Cybercrime in America

Time period: 2019 – …

Description: The project is an ongoing effort to map cyber victimization and offending of the American population in national panel surveys, representative by age, gender, race, and ethnicity. We started the project in 2019 as a longitudinal data collection and currently, we are at the 5th data collection point. We collect data in 2 data points (Spring and Fall) every year with the intent to know more about cybercrime offending and victimization prevalence and patterns in the United States. The project intends to map cybercrime trends similar to the data collection and analyzing effort of the Monitoring the Future project about drug use in K-12 schools. 

The Center of Peace Studies and Violence Prevention’s Cybercriminology Lab started to collect data from a nationally representative sample of Americans in 2019. With funding from Virginia Tech’s Institute for Society, Culture and Environment and the Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention, we have now collected five waves of data. These data are useful for understanding cybercrime in the U.S. In addition to published research using these datasets, lab members aim to expand opportunities to understand cybercrime offending and victimization better by publishing our databases open access. You can follow us on Twitter @CPSVPVT.

Research Team: Katalin Parti, James Hawdon and Thomas Dearden

Contact: Katalin Parti (