The BOAT group are fortunate to operate state-of-the-art laboratory facilities at the Geopolis, University of Lausanne. We operate the following lab spaces, analytical equipment and procedures.

  • Neptune Multicollector ICP-MS
  • ISO6 Clean Room, with ISO1 extraction hoods (serviced 02-22)
  • MWS ultraCLAVE microwave chamber for HBF4 sediment digestion

Common Procedures

  • REE Purification through Column Chemistry (Cr, Pb, Nd, U, Th)
  • Clean acid distillation
  • Sortable silt grainsize analysis
  • Authigenic sediment leaching (Nd, Pb, U)
  • Physical sedimentology
  • Modern chemical oceanography (GEOTRACES)

Clean lab

Preparation room with a controlled level of particle contamination meeting the standard ISO 6 (class 1000). The lab is equipped with two extraction hoods and three laminar flow hoods for which the particle concentration level meets the standard ISO 4 (class 10). The clean lab is used for partial or complete dissolution of samples for which chemical and isotopic analyses through liquid phase mass spectrometry are planned.

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