Newcomer information

In case you are new to UNIL, here you can find links to some essential resources provided by the University and the 3 FGSE institutes.

It might always be worth it to also check out newcomer guides from the other institutes, as they may contain additional information. However, we cannot guarantee that all information is up to date and correct, but the guides do provide a helpful introduction to starting your work at UNIL and the things to tick of your To-Do list before and after you arrive.

Here you can find some helpful links to successfully start your time at UNIL and one of the three FGSE Institutes:

General information provided by the Welcome Center (EN / FR) and other:




  • Institute homepage
  • There is currently no IGD specific information for newcomers. Feel free to look at the guides from other institutes.

PhD – specific information from the Faculty

Other mid-level organizations

  • ACIDUL, Association du Corps Intermédiaire et des Doctorant.e.s de l’Université de Lausanne. They also provide some information about doctoral studies at UNIL, mostly in french but there is also a good collection of information in english.
  • APNS, Association for Postdocs in Natural Sciences. Report about events, funding opportunities, etc. (in english).