SDS 2019 | Swiss Conference on Data Science

Vadym Mozgovoy have developed a research article “Stress Pattern Recognition Through Wearable Biosensors in the Workplace: Experimental Longitudinal Study on the Role of Motion Intensity” that will be presented at the 6th Swiss Conference on Data Science in June 2019.

It is a methodological study suggesting analytical and statistical procedures for measuring, identifying and analyzing stress-related patterns in the context of remote stress monitoring. Combing physiological and non-physiological responses to stress have improved classification and information insights from stress-related data. Thus study reinforces administrational e-HRM effect of physiolytics process, consisting in communication of meaningful insights from the data. It also opens wide horizons for future research that could strengthen relational e-HRM effects of physiolytics. This research paper has been accepted for publication in IEEE Xplore digital library. More information can be found here.