Simplifications in data entry, links to research data and other changes

Automatic / manual entry

When you start a new entry, the first screen now gives you two choices:

  • Automatic entry from an identifier (DOI or PMID).
  • Manual entry

Highlighting mandatory or recommended / optional metadata

In the metadata entry step, the mandatory or recommended fields are now grouped at the beginning of the input form.

Rules for the “language” and “pages” fields

The fields “language” and “page” are not mandatory anymore since the state “to be validated”. The field “language” is mandatory since the “personal” state. “Pages” is no longer required but simply recommended.

Simplification of the entry of “reference identifiers”

The entry of reference identifiers is no longer limited to a maximum of 2 of these. You can enter them directly without having to select the ones you want.

New field: “research data”

You can enter the DOIs of the research data associated with the publication.

Adding buttons for sharing on social networks

Buttons to share a publication on social networks Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook have been added in the details of publications in “serval” state.

Removing the reroid identifiers

Reroididentifiers, which are no longer valids, have been removed from the display and entry. They will be deleted from the data as the records change.

Removing PAC Code (Preservation And Conservation)

The PAC code, which was entered by validators during validation, was removed.