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Normative Decision Structures of Forensic Interpretation in the Legal Process (NORMDECS) is a scientific research project, funded by an ERC/SNSF-Starting-Grant, hosted at the University of Lausanne (UNIL). The project ambitions to study fundamental questions of forensic interpretation through probability and decision theory. It aims at conceptualising and substantiating forensic inference, both on a theoretical and practical account, as an integral part of a wider framework for coherent decision analysis in the law.

The project features a highly multidisciplinary perspective by connecting core forensic science and the law - as the main applied research areas - with computational statistics and philosophy of science acting as supporting disciplines.

NORMDECS, led by Alex Biedermann (Principal Investigator), is hosted at UNIL's School of Criminal Justice (SCJ). The SCJ has a long-standing international reputation of excellence for research in forensic science, education, casework and expert consultancy. Affiliated to the Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration, the SCJ provides an ideal environment wherein science and the law rely naturally on established ways of interdisciplinary collaboration, which makes it ideally suited to accommodate this research project.


A research program on normative decision analyses in forensic science Normative Decision Structures of Forensic Interpretation in the Legal Process (NORMDECS) is based on the understanding that the question of how scientific findings in forensic science are appropriately placed in

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Meet members of the NORMDECS research group at the following events: 10th International Conference on Forensic Inference and Statistics, South Dakota State University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 5th September to 8th September 2017. 6th International Conference on

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Alex Biedermann, Ph.D., Prinicipal Investigator Silvia Bozza, Ph.D., Statistician

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