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The Swiss egodocuments database is the result of several projects funded by the SNF. The first one called Deutschschweizerische Selbstzeugnisse (1500-1800) als Quellen der Mentalitätsgeschichte, was led from 1996 to 2003 first at the University of Zurich and then at the University of Basel under the supervision of Prof. Kaspar von Greyerz. L’éducation domestique au miroir des écrits personnels en Suisse romande (1750-1820), and Valorisation scientifique des écrits personnels de l’époque moderne en Suisse latine (1500-1820), was both directed, from 2011 to 2018, by Danièle Tosato-Rigo (University of Lausanne).

This database records egodocuments written from 1500 to 1820 spread in the main swiss archives and librairies (see List of institutions).

Egodocuments refers to texts which are about the writer himself or herself, his or her relatives and close society. It can be autobiographies, diaries, travel diaries, chronicles and family books. Although letters are egodocuments too, they were ignored for practical reasons with the exception of copy books, written down for many years.

This database isn’t an exhaustive inventory (see User guide). It mainly sheds light on politic of conservation of archives and library of the different cantons. Only one part of documents identified in the context of the various FNS projects are described in this database. Their number is still increasing, thanks to the network of associate members of Egodocuments.ch and the valuable collaboration of the institutions involved.

Scientific manager :

Sylvie Moret Petrini, University of Lausanne

Directors of the SNF projects :

Kaspar von Greyerz, University of Basel

Danièle Tosato-Rigo, University of Lausanne

Research Associates :

Sebastian Leutert, University of Basel

Gudrun Piller, University of Basel

Lorenz Heiligensetzer, University of Basel

Fiona Fleischner, University of Lausanne

Maïla Kocher Girinshuti, University of Lausanne

Miriam Nicoli, University of Lausanne

Temporary employees :

Roland Hofer, statesarchivs, Schaffhouse

Urs Martin Zahnd, University of Berne

Nathalie Dahn, University of Lausanne

Lucas Rappo, University of Lausanne

Webmasters :

Jacqueline Frey, University of Lausanne, Centre informatique

Isabelle Moullet, University of Lausanne, Centre informatique

FileMaker :

Jan Hodel

Karl Larson

Elias Kreyenbühl