“Interdisciplinarité en Action: Une Expérience Pratique de Recherche Interdisciplinaire”

Corps en situation: perspective interdisciplinaire sur l’interaction sociale
Bodies in context: interdisciplinary perspective on social interaction

wkdCover 2013WKD Programme 2013

The WKD 2013 took place in Villars-sur-Ollon late October. Here is a short feed back of the three days that panelists of experts in primate ethology, anthropology, sociology, literature, dramaturgy, criminal sciences, information technology, and stage actors have spent together. Following the WKD tradition, the panel has encompassed both experts and younger scientists at the graduate student and post-doctoral levels. The goals of the WKD workshop series are described below.


During WKD 2013, Sahar El Khoury, Kristina Köhler and Nicholas Weeks, young researchers have replied to the following questions:

How did the WKD get your attention?
What is your field of research?
What makes this event so interesting for you?
How do the « Ateliers » work?
What did you discover at the WKD?
What was a highlight for you at the WKD?




Simona Pekarek, Philippe Moreillon and Vincent Barras, organizers of the World Knowledge Dialogue 2013 have replied in a few words to the following questions:

  • What is the World Knowledge Dialogue (WKD)?
  • What is the subject of this year’s WKD?
  • What is the target group of the WKD?
  • What is the benefit for researchers to participate in the WKD?
  • What will participants retain from the WKD?