New publications of the project

Several publications in connection with the project have just appeared or are about to appear:

  • We’re just about to complete the critical editions of James Dundas’ Idea Philosophiae Moralis (1679) for Edinburgh University Press (eds. Alexander Broadie and Giovanni Gellera), and of Francis Hutcheson’s System of Moral Philosophy (1755) for Liberty Fund (eds. Knud Haakonssen and Christian Maurer).
  • Contributions to the Oxford History of Scottish Philosophy in the Seventeenth Century have just been published.
  • Research papers in an edited special issue on our September 2018 conference are now available on-line on the website of the journal Global Intellectual History.
  • Two chapters contributed to the Oxford History of Scottish Theology, Vol. I and Vol. II, have just appeared.
  • Two chapters to an edited volume Le Protestant et l’Hétérodoxe. Entre Eglises et Etats (XVIe-XVIIIe siècles), edited by Yves Krumenacker and Noémie Recous in Classiques Garnier have just been published.