Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the new Research and Innovation Framework Programme FP9 (2021-2027).

In a nutshell:

Switzerland’s participation?

Following Switzerland’s withdrawal from the negotiations of an Institutional Agreement with the EU, the EC has decided to treat Switzerland as a “third country”. See updated information andfactsheet here on Euresearch site, and Q&A on the SEFRI website.

UK’s participation?

Find up-to-date info on UKRO website.

If you plan to apply to a European scheme, contact your research consultant and UNIL/CHUV Euresearch officer for support.

When a senior researcher is setting up a European project, it is possible to apply for financial support from the Direction (See “Mesures de soutien UNIL”). Should you assume the administrative coordination of a project, and the project reaches the minimum threshold of points during the evaluation, SEFRI can grant you a financial contribution (see the dedicated SEFRI page).

Keep up to date with the latest training courses offered by Euresearch.

Structure of Horizon Europe?

Similar to H2020, with 3 pillars:

Source: https://ec.europa.eu/info/horizon-europe_en

Check Euresearch up-to-date information.

Overview of upcoming calls

ERC (Pilar 1)

No major changes from H2020: Support to individual outstanding researchers proposing high-gain/high-risk frontier research projects. Host organisation must be located in EU member state or country associated to Horizon Europe.

  • ERC Starting Grant. PhD + 2-7 years.
  • ERC Consolidator Grant. PhD + 7-12 years.
  • ERC Advanced Grant. For established research leaders. Expected opening: May 2021. Deadline : 31-08-2021
  • Synergy Grant. for 2-4 outstanding PIs with complementary background. 10-11-2021 (2022 call).
  • Proof of Concept Grant. to explore the innovation potential of the PI’s research results. Oct 2021

Deadlines for Call 2022: tentative dates.

MSCA (Marie-Curie actions, Pilar 1)

Supporting the mobility, training and career development of researchers. Host organisation must be located in EU member state or country associated to Horizon Europe

  • Postdoctoral Fellowships (previously: Individual fellowships). New: Will be limited to researchers up to 8 years post PhD.
  • Doctoral Networks (previously: ITN). Funding for Training Networks (10 – 15 doctoral candidates)
  • COFUND. Financial support for Doctoral and Fellowship Programmes
  • Staff Exchange (previously: RISE). International, intersectoral & interdisciplinary secondments
  • MSCA and Citizens (previously: NIGHT)

More info on Euresearch website !

Pilar 2’s clusters

Launch: spring 2021

The calls are to be answered collaboratively by a consortium of at least 3 partners from 3 associated countries. SSH researchers are encouraged to participate.

If you are interested in a cluster, do not hesitate to contact Euresearch at info@euresearch.ch and visit their website for more information!

The clusters are:

  • Health. Living & working in a health-promoting environment – Staying healthy in a rapidly changing society – Tackling diseases & reducing disease burden – Ensuring access to innovative, sustainable & high-quality Healthcare…
  • Culture, creativity and inclusive societies
  • Civil security for society. Disaster Resilience – Managing social and economic transformations…
  • Digital, Industry & Space. Climate neutral, circular and digitised production – A digitised, resource-efficient and resilient industry – World leading data and computing technologies – Digital emerging technologies for the green deal – Space infrastructures, services, applications and data – Human-centred and ethical development of digital and industry
  • Climate, Energy and Mobility. Climate sciences and responses – Cross-sectoral solutions for the climate transition – Sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply – Clean and competitive solutions for all transport modes – Safe Resilient Transport and Smart Mobility services for passengers and goods – Efficient, sustainable and inclusive energy use
  • Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture & Environment. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services – Fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food systems – Land, oceans and water for climate action – Clean environment and zero pollution – Resilient, inclusive, healthy and green rural, coastal and urban communities – Innovative governance, environmental observations and digital solutions

Pilar 3

Aim at stimulating market-creating breakthroughs and ecosystems conducive to innovation, through EIC (European Innovation council), European Innovation Ecosystem (Aim at connecting innovation actors and scaling-up innovation in all European regions) and EIT (European Institute for Innovation and Technology).

European Innovation Council (EIC):

A new council for Horizon Europe Innovation, with 3 funding schemes:

  • Path finder: Aimed at researchers, to support technological development at an early stage (at the lab scale) that might end up hitting the market (previously: Future and emerging technologies)
  • New tool for transition. To move from a prototype (lab bench) to a product ready for the market
  • Accelerator: Aimed at start-ups and companies, for service almost ready, but still too risky to find investors (previously: EMI, EIC pilot)