Call for Managing Editor PARISS

About the journal
First published in 2020, Political Anthropological Research on International Social Sciences (PARISS) is a cutting edge academic journal whose mission is to create a space for outstanding scholarship on the political, the anthropological, and the international marginalized elsewhere due to academic conventions. Encouraging transversal social inquiries and stylistic experimentation, PARISS seeks to transcend disciplinary, linguistic and cultural fragmentations characteristic of the contemporary international social sciences. To promote a plurality of ways of thinking, researching and writing, PARISS is committed to visibilizing contemporary social scientists, especially from non-English-speaking countries, whose works challenge established boundaries but have failed to internationalize precisely because of their unorthodoxy. It also offers academics a unique location to reflexively analyze their own socio-professional worlds and critique transformations presently redefining the contemporary university.

About the role
PARISS is presently looking to appoint a Managing Editor. This role will require you to assist the co-editors in chief with:
– Keeping track of submissions, both by email and through the editorial manager software. Suggesting reviewers for submissions.
– Liaising with authors and reviewers (through email) throughout the submission, review, and re-submission process.
– Communicating with the production team at BRILL publishers, particularly the desk editor, keeping the production of articles on track.
– Communicating with the Editorial Board and Scientific Committee, upon request.
– Submitting finalized articles by proxy to production, if necessary, through the editorial manager software.

In terms of skills and competencies, the co-editors in chief are ideally looking for candidates who:
– Have strong communication and deadline management skills.
– Possess a capacity to work autonomously and are detail-oriented.
– Have previous experience working for or with an academic journal.
– Have a multidisciplinary, international educational background and/or research experience.
– Speak English and are bi/multi-lingual.

The role of managing editor will be paid a stipend of Euro 750 per issue.

Interested candidates should send a brief email by the 21st of December explaining their interest in the role and a CV to the following email address: