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October 2022


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Svante Pääbo wins Nobel Prize for Medicine with Neanderthals DNA research

Some of the works co-authored by Professor Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas cited among the key publications - Learn more
More information with Alexandre Reymond - Director of the Integrative Genomics Centre

Watch the interview
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Many thanks to you for the good collaboration throughout these years and we all wish every success in your future endeavours.
Sarah Schmid

PhD Student, Group Salamin
Sarah Schmid - BIO_1475


October 13th - DBC Seminar with Dr. Santiago Carmona,
Group leader Cancer Systems Immunology - UNIL-CHUV
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Lausanne Oncology CARMONA lab


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Bacteria vs antibiotics: Sending out an SOS

How do bacteria communicate with their neighbors when they are attacked?

find the answer by watching the video here

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Microbial metagenomics: a 360º approach
Heidelberg on 17 - 24 April 2023
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The International PhD program in Quantitative Biology

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Want support for your project?
Then, The Synergy Grants could be for you!
Deadline date : 08 November 2022


DBC Christmas activities will take place on December 15th

More information to come soon
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What follows is a small sampling of recently published research across the department — for a more complete list of publications, visit PubMed. If there is a paper you would like to see highlighted in the next issue of the newsletter, please email us.
Omics-informed CNV calls reduce false-positive rates and improve power for CNV-trait associations - With Chiara Auwerx, Eleonora Porcu, Kaido Lepik, Zoltán Kutalik

Sex- and age-dependent genetics of longevity in a heterogeneous mouse population - With Marie Sadler, Zoltán Kutalik

Epistasis and evolutionary dependencies in human cancers - With Marco Mina, Arvind Iyer, Giovanni Ciriello

Cross-GWAS coherence test at the gene and pathway level - With Daniel Krefl, Sven Bergmann

Gene set enrichment analysis of pathophysiological pathways highlights oxidative stress in psychosis - With Zoltán Kutalik

Rates and correlates of cannabis-associated psychotic symptoms in over 230,000 people who use cannabis - With Tabea Schoeler

Genome-wide association analyses of physical activity and sedentary behavior provide insights into underlying mechanisms and roles in disease prevention - With Zoltán Kutalik

Deconvoluting complex correlates of COVID-19 severity with a multi-omic pandemic tracking strategy - With Simone Rubinacci, Olivier Delaneau

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Post-Doctoral Research Visit F/M Postdoc positions in Mathematical Biology at Institut Pasteur and CentraleSupélec - Location : Versailles, France

Assistant Professor - Cell Biology of Development - Location : Toronto, Canada

Call for PhD and MD-PhD fellowship applications - Location : Basel, Switzerland

CIVIS3i Call for sixteen 2-Year Postdoc positions - Location : Marseille, France

PhD position: Virus bioinformatics - Location : Zurich, Switzerland

PhD position in quantitative biology: central metabolism in mediating antibiotic tolerance - Location : Basel, Switzerland


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