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September 2021


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The whole DBC extends the warmest of welcomes to new members.
Alma Dal Co
Prof. Alma Dal Co

Prof. Dal Co is joining the DBC as a Tenure-track assistant professor. Learn more about the Dalcolab

Read the interview of Dr. Dal Co

Davide Bozzi
Doctoral Student, Group Malaspinas

I am a graduate student with a Master in Biology from the University of Milan – Bicocca in Italy. During my studies, I started to get into the field of genomics and evolutionary biology showing a keen interest in computational approaches for biological research.
I have spent the last year of my Master at the Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics (University of Copenhagen – GLOBE institute) working on a research project that has become the subject of my master thesis. The focus of the project was the study of the animal microbiome in the context of a disease. Read more
Dr. Thibault Latrille
Post-doctoral student, Salamin Group

Having recently defended my doctoral thesis in evolutionary biology under the supervision of Nicolas Lartillot at Université de Lyon, my work focused on modelling the interplay between mutation, selection and drift in the evolutionary processes of protein-coding DNA sequences. I am now continuing to pursue my research interests in Prof. Nicolas Salamin’s group as a postdoc, focusing on the long term evolution of phenotypic variance. Although my educational background is originally in biology, I enjoyed an interdisciplinary training at the crossroad between physics, computer science and mathematics.
Dr. Adriaan van der Graaf
Post-doctoral student, Group Kutalik

I'm a Dutch molecular biologist who has taken a keen interest in statistical approaches to biological data.
I followed a master program tailored to learning about statistics and inference from large biological data.
During my masters I ended up doing an internship at the Genetics department in Groningen, learning about how we can best predict polygenic scores for celiac disease.
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Photo A.G.
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Bastien Vallat
IT Support

Bastien is joining Laurian as an IT and will be located in the same area as Laurian

More about Bastien



The DBC Seminars brings world leading computational scientists to present their work in a colloquium and to meet with faculty and students. The colloquium has broad attendance by faculty, staff, masters and PhD students from the University and EPFL
September 16th - DBC Seminar with
Dr. Maria Carolina Borges, Vice Chancellor's Research Fellow at the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit, University of Bristol

"Integrating genetics and causal inference to understand complex diseases in human populations"

When : Septemner 16th - at 12h30
Where : Génopode - Auditoire A

If you want to join online - Zoom
Password : HPC_DBC

Summary of presentation: In this talk, I will discuss my work focusing on using Mendelian randomization in large-scale population studies to unravel the role of metabolites, particularly fatty acids, in the aetiology of cardiovascular diseases and to improve the evidence basis on the impact of maternal adiposity on pregnancy-related disorders.
September 23rd - DBC Seminar with with Prof. Raphael Gottardo - Futur Director of the Medical Bioinformatic Center of CHUV

"Analyzing spatial gene expression architecture in tissue sections at increased resolution"

When : Septemner 23rd - at 12h15
Where : Génopode - Auditoire A

If you want to join online - Zoom
Password : HPC_DBC

Abstract : Recent spatial gene expression technologies have enabled comprehensive
measurement of transcriptomic profiles while retaining spatial context. However, existing analysis methods do not address the limited resolution of the technology or use the spatial information efficiently. During this talk, I will present BayesSpace, a fully
Bayesian statistical method that uses the information from spatial neighborhoods for resolution enhancement of spatial transcriptomic data and for clustering analysis. I will show how BayesSpace can be used to improve the identification of distinct intra-tissue
transcriptional profiles from samples of the brain, melanoma, invasive ductal carcinoma and ovarian adenocarcinoma. Using immunohistochemistry and an in silico dataset constructed from scRNA-seq data, I will then show that BayesSpace resolves tissue structure
that is not detectable at the original resolution and identifies transcriptional heterogeneity inaccessible to histological analysis.



Bioinformatics : Using big data to advance medical therapies by Marie Sadler

Watch the video
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Completed project: efficient analysis of genomic data

Prof. Salamin and Dessimoz, in collaboration with other Principal investigators from UNIL and UNIGE explain what the "efficient analysis of genomic data" project is.
Read more


20 fully funded PhD fellowships in Quantitative Biology

Join the force now! Learn how

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2021 Postdoc Retreat Sept. 11th – 12th

Join the APNS at the Chalet, Le Vaticamp and meet former postdocs that moved on to many different careers including academia, industry, scientific publishing, consulting, start-ups, clinical settings, etc. Hear about their very personal career paths, ask all the questions that are on your mind about your next career steps, exchange with fellow postdocs, expand your Read more
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July 7th - 17:30-19h30, on Zoom

The [BC]2 Basel Computational Biology Conference provides a unique platform to scientists at all career stages to present their research. It unites researchers from academia, industry and healthcare working in a broad range of disciplines: from deciphering spatiotemporal gene expression patterns, to modelling evolutionary dynamics or acquiring a better understanding of how genetics influence human health. Read More

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Horizon Europe 2021-2022 Work Programmes are out!

The European Commission has published the Work Programmes of Horizon Europe for the 2021-2022 period, with a total budget of €14.7 billion. Researchers and innovators in Switzerland can participate in most collaborative projects and their funding is secure
Read more

VIP2 Post Doc Fellows

VIP2 is a postdoctoral fellowship program at the Vienna BioCenter (VBC) offering three – year fellowships that are open to candidates with backgrounds in biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, engineering, computer science, and bioinformatics.
Read more
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What follows is a small sampling of recently published research across the department — for a more complete list of publications, visit PubMed. If there is a paper you would like to see highlighted in the next issue of the newsletter, please email us.
The molecular basis, genetic control and pleiotropic effects of local gene co-expression - With Diogo M Ribeiro, Simone Rubinacci, Robin Hofmeister, Olivier Delaneau

Systematic assessment of gene co-regulation within chromatin domains determines differentially active domains across human cancers - With Marie Zufferey, Yuanlong Liu, Daniele Tavernari, Marco Mina, Giovanni Ciriello

Genetic insights into biological mechanisms governing human ovarian ageing - With Sven Bergmann, Zoltan Kutalik, Eleonora Porcu

Ten Years of Collaborative Progress in the Quest for Orthologs - With Natasha Glover, Yannis Nevers, Paul D Thomas, Christophe Dessimoz

Cell-autonomous inflammation of BRCA1-deficient ovarian cancers drives both tumor-intrinsic immunoreactivity and immune resistance via STING - With Marco Mina, Giovanni Ciriello

CEP78 functions downstream of CEP350 to control biogenesis of primary cilia by negatively regulating CP110 levels - With Mathieu Quinodoz, Carlo Rivolta

ISMB/ECCB 2021 proceedings - With Christophe Dessimoz

Large-scale whole-genome resequencing unravels the domestication history of Cannabis sativa - With Martha L Serrano-Serrano, Nicolas Salamin

A live single-cell reporter assay links intratumor heterogeneity to metastatic proclivity in Ewing sarcoma - With Katarina Cisarova

Methods for the Analysis of Topologically Associating Domains (TADs) - With Marie Zufferey, Daniele Tavernari, Giovanni Ciriello


PostDoc position in Computational Biology applied to images and genetics - Location : Lausanne

Postdoctoral Research Position in Plant Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics - Location : Munich, Germany

Postdoc Position in Quantitative Biology of Non-Growing Bacteria - Location : Basel, Switzerland

Postdoctoral fellow – Biology, Endocrine-Related Cancer Research - Location : Zurich, Switzerland

Postdoctoral Position in Cancer Immunology - Location : Basel, Switzerland

Professorship in Genome Sciences - Location : Cologne, Germany

Bioinformatician (Fixed term) - Location : Nottingham, United Kingdom

Postdoc in Biochemistry / Molecular Cell Biology / Cancer Biology - Location : Luxembourg, Luxembourg


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