1st day (September 13th, 2022)

9:15 Welcome and introduction
TOPIC A: Climate change and extreme events in mountain catchments (triggering cascading processes)

9:30 Rainfall triggering debris flows – Francesco Marra – *invited talk*

10:15 Impacts of climate change on spatio-temporal storm patterns and future flooding – Nadav Peleg

10:30 Landslide prediction advancements with climate change and data uncertainty – David Peres

10:45 Sub-daily rainfall extremes in the Eastern Italian Alps under a changing climate – Eleonora Dallan

11:00 Coffee break

TOPIC B: Advancing understanding of hillslopes-channel network cascading processes

11:30 Hillslope-channel network cascading processes – Sara Bonetti – *invited talk*

12:15 Understanding the cascading effects induced by February 2021 Chamoli disaster, India -Sansar Raj Meena

12:30 Connectivity models to analyze river network-scale sediment conveyance: challenges and opportunities – Simone Bizzi

12:45 Mountain chain destruction versus erosion and transient hazards – Michel Jaboyedoff

13:00 Lunch break

14:15 Elucidating how to develop consistent cascading process scenarios in perturbed river basins: The role of conjecture and criticism – Bruno Mazzorana *invited talk*

15:00 Channel response to high-magnitude floods: present understanding and main gaps – Nicola Surian

15:15 Debris floods and geomorphic response in mountain rivers – Andrea Brenna

15:30 Flooding beyond the water: bio-geomorphological cascades – Virginia Ruiz-Villanueva

15:45 Coffee break

TOPIC C: Consequences of cascading processes on multi-hazards and risks

16:15 Present and future potentials of remote sensing to detect and monitor cascading effects on slopes – Filippo Catani

16:30 Examples of cascade processes in Southern Switzerland – Andrea Pedrazzini

16:45 Identification of sediment cascades related to permafrost creep and related hazard processes – Christian Kofler

17:00 Hydro-geomorphic hazard chains in consulting: Case studies from Canada and the Nepalese Himalayas – Mathias Jakob – *invited talk*

17:45 Conclusion of Day 1

2nd day (September 14th)

Meeting closed to the public (by invitation only)

Field trip (full day)

3rd day (September 15th)

Meeting closed to the public (by invitation only)

Group activities and round tables

4th day (September 16th)

Meeting closed to the public (by invitation only)

Workshop summary